All the best of west Kazakhstan (Mangystau region) are included in this 3 day tour itinerary bellow.

1st Day
Aktau to Bozzhyra
At the morning after breakfast we will drive to Bozzhyra. Bozjyra is a magnificent creation of weathering and erosion, located on the territory of the Ustyurt Plateau. Here you can see vast clay deserts, limestone mountains, buttes more than 200 meters (650 ft) high. In the Mesozoic Era this area was covered by the Tethys Ocean, so now here you can find a lot of fossilized shells and teeth of prehistoric sharks. We will camp near this. Bozjyra is the must-see attraction of the Mangystau Province, that will definitely cause a lot of emotions.
2nd Day
Bozzhyra – Tuiesu – Zhanaozen
After breakfast and disassembling of the camp, you will move to the Tuiesu sandy massif, where we can walk and have lunch outdoor. These are has a stunning views with lose sand dunes. We will continue forward to Zhanaozen town where we can check in at local hotel room and have rest.
3rd Day
Zhanaozen – Tokmak cape – Aktau
After having breakfast in Hotel restaurant in Zhanaozen town we will head back to Aktau city. On the way back to Aktau we will visit Karagiye depression, it stretches from north to south for 80 km with a width of 25-30 km. the deepest mark of Karagiye located in the southern part? Is 132 m below sea level, with gives the status of one of the deepest in the world. Here you can meet the fossilized remains of marine fauna Paleogene era – whales, sharks, rays, bony fishes, turtles and shells of extinct mollusks. Arrival to Tokmak cape. Place is known as Mys Tokmak (Tokmak Mys) that a point (a tapering piece of land projecting into a body of water, less prominent than a cape). After short stop there we will continue our journey back to Aktau city. Stay at the Hotel in Aktau.

Kazakhstan is one of the largest and Modern countries in central Asia that extends from west of Caspian Sea to the Altai mountain in the East of the country.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you will have any questions about Kazakhstan or about tours in Kazakhstan, so we will be very happy to help!

Highlights of this tour

  • Kazakh culture & Lifestyle
  • Visit historical places
  • Archaeological site
  • Bozzhyra
  • Tuiesu sand dunes
  • Karagiye depression
  • Mys Tokmak (Tokmak Mys)